Food Service

Food Service

Food Service

Companies have to eat too! We create home cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for our corporate clients. We customize the menu to your needs. Our team is able to serve, vegan, paleo, traditional, vegetarian, and so on, even mixing and matched to our clients specifications.

Our Process For Businesses

We meet with you to discuss the details; anything from cuisine preferences and dietary needs to budget and headcount.

Step 1: Your food is prepared offsite.

Step 2: The food is delivered hot to your office. We do offer buffet services as well as drop off.

Step 3: We clean up! In situations where there is extra food we can either package it up and give it to whoever is designated or dispose of it on our own. In the case of a “drop off” step 3 doesn’t apply.

Step 1: We ask for feedback. As we partner with your company we like to know about changes in taste or dietary needs.

Step 2: Adjustments are made for the following weeks or months depending on the details of our arrangements.

Our Process For Fraternities or Sororities

Step 1: We meet with the house director to gain an understanding of the needs and wants for the students initially.

Step 2: Then we like to set up a food committee made up of students to facilitate ongoing communication of tastes, needs and wants.

Step 3: Yearly budgets are discussed. Once agreed upon FCC will manage the budget, which can include special events if planned ahead of time.

Step 1: If the organization has a house then FCC with staff the kitchen. If the organization does not have a house, then we off drop off services only.

Step 2: Continental breakfast, full lunch and dinner are then prepared.

Step 3: Meals are served at prescribed times, but we do offer a warm bag carry option for students who can not make it to the buffet times.

Step 4: As we have staffed the kitchen we maintain the kitchen, cleaning after ourselves. We do employ students within the house to do some cleaning tasks.

**In the case of a “drop off” steps 3 and 4 do not apply.

Through the food committee we have ongoing feedback and adjustments as necessary.