A Chef’s Journey

A Love For Cooking

Chef Francis developed a love for cooking at a young age as he cooked alongside his grandmother and father. Throughout high school and college he was consistently called on to cook for friends and family. Upon returning home from Desert Storm, where he served in the United States Military, Chef Francis began cooking and bartending. He attended La Cordon Bleu, where he received training in the classical French style. After graduation he went on into education, becoming an instructor for several years. Along with educating, Chef Francis has opened a small bistro and restaurant with bakery over the years.

Closing one chapter and moving to the next Chef Francis began Francis Culinary Creations. FCC offers catering, food service, cooking classes, restaurant consulting, and personal chef services. Drawing from a long history, wide variety of experience, and a love of cooking, Chef Francis enjoys teaching others to cook and broaden their palates.